Create customized reports for the purpose of comparing sales activity for a specific time period. Comparisons of time periods (this year's first quarter against last year's first quarter) can also be done.

The information in this report is generated from results of input entered in other accounting options.


Reports will not print unless the following files exist:

  • A valid Company Setup Information File
  • Valid GL Chart Of Accounts File
  • Valid Transaction Type File
  • Detail Journal Entries for the period in question.

Any information you have entered must have already been posted using Evaluate/Maintain Detail Journal menu, before this program will access the information. You will be prompted if not all Detail Journal records have been properly "linked and posted" before hand.

This menu option is only a report, no processing is done at this time. This option can be run as many times as is required.


Follow the steps below to produce a sales report.

1) Customize the report by filling in the following prompts:

2) Once all options have been selected, click on the RUN REPORT button. A Print Preview screen for said report will appear. You can choose to either print the report or close the Window and select another report.

Report Selection Prompts:

Report Setup Options:

Show Period Totals For YEAR: Enter a valid Data Year. Program defaults to the current data (DAT) year. Determine data files to be accessed.

Comparison Quarter Totals: Optional. Enter a VALID Data Year. Program will list comparison figures to the figures reported for the above period totals. Helps determine data files to be accessed.

Report Options:

Sequence: Indicate in what order you want what the report items to be listed.

Report Limits:

Division (Range): Limits the report listing to GL Accounts for one or more divisions.

Sales Account (Range): Limits the report listing to a specific GL Sales Account or Account range.

COA Group/Sub-Group: a select group and/or sub-group of COAs. If you use the COA number you must not use the Group and Sub-group. This information must be in the Customer/Supplier's Master record.