A list of the Auto Posting table is displayed.  To edit Double Click on an entry.   To add use File -> New or Ctrl-N.

Adding a new entry:

Choose the Tenant,  the GL Debit account and the Debit Type.

Add a Description,  ex Rent & Storage

For a monthly tenant the # of Periods and Total $ can be left blank.

The Monthly Rent is entered in $/Period

Add the Credit GL Account and Credit Type

GL Auto Posting

GL records are posted using Tools -> Post Recurring Items

Select what file to post from - Tenant File for Rents,  Accounting Recurring File for other items.

Choose the Period From/To (leaving only the From period will post all item to that period)

Change Today's Date if necessary.

Change the Due Date if necessary.

A report will be displayed when the Post button is pressed.

To see what GL Entries will be made before committing leave "Test Run" selected.