Editing and Verifing Punches

The Report menu item is where punches are reported,  edited and downloaded to KLM Payroll.

Punch Report Fields:

Name:                Employees Name

Department:  Name of Department

Job:                Job Name

Date:                From - To Punch Time

In/Out:                Calculated Time between the In and Out punches

Verified:        This punch has been verified by a supervisor

Hrs Type:        R - Regular Hours,  O - Overtime Hours

Editing Punches

To edit a punch click on the  icon.  

Fields that can be edited:

Job - Example the employee punches in with the incorrect Job.   Click on the Combo Box to choose the correct Job

IN/OUT -  Both the In/Out punch times can be edited.   Enter the time as HH:MM AM/PM 

Type - Toggle Regular or Overtime Hours

Save - Use the  Icon to save the changes.

Adding a Punch

Punches can be added using the  Icon located at the summary line for each Employee.

Save - Use the  Icon to save the changes.

Deleting a Punch

Punches can be Permanently deleted using the  Icon.  

Verifying Punches

Only verified punches will be exported to the KLM Payroll.   Individual punches can be verified or a group can be verified.

To verify a single punch click on the  icon at the end of the punch.   It will toggle to

If a group of punches is to be verified click on the  icon at the end of the list.   All valid (non-zero) punches will be verified.

Locate Employee on the Map

If an employee is signed in the location of the punch can be displayed on a map.

There is a  map icon beside both the Checkin and Checkout fields.  

 Hovering over either will display the text .    Clicking on the icon will display where the punch originated.