Punch Reporting

There are two types of Reports available in KLM Time Tracker:

Export to CSV -  This is the file that will be used to import Punches to KLM Payroll

Exporting data to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file can be limited by Name, Job or Date To/From.

When the search parameters are set click on  to display the records.

To export the records click on

The Save Dialog will be displayed.   Save the file in the KLM Payroll folder.

The name of the file can be changed if needed.  This will be used to import the records to KLM Payroll.  The records can also be opened in any Spreadsheet program or even Notepad.

Export to PDF

If a PDF copy of the records  is needed click the Down Arrow on the  icon and choose "Export to PDF".   The PDF will open in a browser window.