The Best Accounting Software.
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KLM Accounting is the ultimate, easy to use accounting software that can be customized for exactly what you need. You'll love it for:


Take control of your business and money! Make instant management decisions using accurate & up-to-date financial data.

Includes Easy Accounting features plus the following:

  • Print customer statements with or without interest charges
  • Automatically post repetitive monthly transactions; rent, bank charges, etc.
  • Handles multiple currencies
  • Print various aging reports for A/R and A/P accounts; an over 90 days collection report including phone numbers
  • Track outstanding and cashed cheques per period to make bank reconciliations easier
  • Lots of flexible reporting; salesperson profitability, highest sales by customer
  • Print cheque/cash summary list for your bank deposit
  • Save time by customizing each customer/supplier; GST and PST exemptions, payment terms, discounts, etc.
  • More customizing to income statement report


KLM Accounting comes with easy payroll features including:

  • Produce record of employment forms
  • Add custom earnings, deductions, benefits and special calculations unique to your company
  • Automatically apply repetitive earnings, deductions and custom values based on each employees unique requirements
  • Numerous custom payroll reports, union report, benefit report, employee labels
  • Workers compensation report, union report, benefit report, employee labels
  • Direct deposit
  • Access to optional features

KLM Accounting can also be upgraded and customized to suit your businesses specific needs, including:

  • Piecework
  • Trips
  • Unlimited pay distribution
  • Variable pay rates
  • Customers billings information up to 4 special calculations per input line
  • Breakdown job, department & type of work

Point Of Sale

We'll customize your point of sale screen to meet your needs. The point of sale can also be integrated with the rest of KLM Accounting. KLM point of sale is great for:

  • Consignment sales
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Manufacturing

Here are some reasons you'll love using KLM point of sale:

  • Enjoy complete control of your orders and sales
  • Easily create a sales order, quote, purchase order or work order; then efficiently convert them to a sales or A/P invoice with one quick key stroke
  • Save time inputting by accessing existing inventory and customer files, or add a new customer if required
  • All inventory stock figures are updated immediately
  • Reprint misplaced invoices, verify orders and returns, print a packing slip or list back orders
  • Duplicate a previous order/invoice with one key stroke
  • Invoice customers for partially shipped orders
  • Process and pay partially received purchase orders
  • Print reports listing production priorities, sort by required date, and product. Plus many more
  • Print shipping labels


KLM Accounting is great for keeping track of and managing your inventory. Some of the easy to use features included are

  • Use up to 20 alpha or numeric characters to itemize your inventory. Access/group your inventory several ways
  • Access cost, wholesale or retail price, or your own specially designed prices with multi-currency option
  • Stock availability shows on-hand, on order committed inventory
  • Automatically assign taxing and accounting posting information, to speed up invoicing input and reduce potential operator error
  • Perform cost explosions based on multi-level mark-up types and currency rates
  • Performs mass price updates quickly
  • Re-order list based on stated reordered quantity and minimum quantity with cost information
  • Value of existing inventory report for insurance purposes
  • Inventory consumption history report:analyze buying/selling trends per inventory item or supplier/customer
  • Run various reports you can use as price lists
  • Report on last price or quantity change on all inventory items
  • Print count sheets for inventory stock taking

Job Costing

Job costing can be a pain. KLM Accounting makes it easier. Here's how:

  • Unlimited number of current or historical jobs
  • Job costing automatically updated when invoices and purchase orders are issued
  • Employee labour reports
  • Transfer Employee labour records directly to KLM payroll
  • Costed at actual or with mark-ups and discounts
  • Job cost profit/loss report
  • Job status reports
  • Compare actual to budget costs
  • Direct access to existing jobs master file

Sales Tools

Keep better track of your leads and customers with KLM Accounting sales tools.

  • Store default information in a file that can be accessed by all KLM programs making input fast and easy
  • Process and print mass letters, forms and labels
  • Arrange appointment schedule
  • Custom options to suit how you do things